2021 – Cameroon Safety Nets Project

Implementation of the activities of the G5 Phase under the labor intensive public works related programme/cash for work (THIMO/CFW) of the Safety Nest Project (PFS) in the South Region of Cameroon (Meyomessala, Lolodorf and Mvengue).

Services provided included:

  • Setting up Councils Selection Groups (GCS) as well as Councils Validation Committees (CCV) in each beneficiary council;
  • Backing up the Councils Selection Groups (GCS) as well as Councils Validation Committees (CCV) within the framework of the identification and validation process of micro-projects (MPs);
  • Informing, sensitizing and training the populations of the villages in order to benefit from the Safety Nets Project (PFS) and the labor-intensive public works related activities to be carried out in the council areas;
  • Compiling the files of micro-projects deemed eligible; such files inter alia, incorporate the technical specifications, environmental and social screening form, as well as risks-prevention form to be submitted to the CCVs for examination and validation;
  • Targeting, recruiting and registering beneficiaries of the programme per village depending on the number of beneficiaries awarded to the villages and in compliance with the modalities set forth in the manual of procedures of the LIPWs/CFWS component;
  • Supervising the activities in connection with the implementation of the LIPWs, on the one hand, and selecting and carrying out payments in favor of beneficiaries, on the other hand;
  • Seeing to it that the environmental and social safeguard measures, as well as those governing the hygiene, health and safety of micro-projects are effectively implemented;
  • Collecting and seeking redress as far as grievances are concerned;
  • Ensuring the setting up and functioning of provisional day-care centres with the LIPWS-related building sites;
  • Sensitizing the beneficiaries on the sustainability of infrastructure built, especially with regard to the maintenance component.
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