We are seeking people who are passionate about our work, have a heart for the poor and have a deep desire to contribute their time and skills.

Fundraising to support our activities

Principal Activities
Our volunteers assist in carrying out the following activities from interested persons who contact the charity at no cost and we accept all goodwill donations for services rendered.
Celebrations & Sad Events (weddings, burials, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries)

  • We help simplify mortuary and transport arrangements in rural communities
  • We help to arrange church services, choirs, church booklets and other service actors, choosing the best songs and the day’s liturgy in agreement with the families concerned
  • We help draft eulogies for bereaved family members
  • We help to provide psychosocial counseling and support to bereaved family members
  •  We help simplify burial rights
  • We help to simplify arrangements for feeding and drinks as well as other required logistics
  •  We help to provide security and service boys and girls to ensure all invitees are properly attended to
  • We help to provide a band and trumpet service for high class entertainment
  •  We help to provide after party cleaners.

Additional Activities

  • We help to provide home healthcare for the aged, the handicapped, OVC and all category of patients
  •  We help to provide follow up care after discharge of patients from hospitals
  •  Encourage patients self-dependency by promoting preventive medicine
  •  We help to provide instant emergency health services in disease outbreaks and mass casualties
  •  We help to identify employment solutions to anyone who needs a helper, domestic worker, reliable maid nanny and cleaners be they part time or full time
  • We help to provide assistance to underprivileged: women and children, old and sick and handicapped

Join other volunteers

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, send us a mail via info@saintalbertcharity.org, call us on + 237 6 75 55 84 49 or send us a quick message using the form below.