About us

Saint Albert Charity is a non-profit registered organization founded in Cameroon in 2000. We work to end violence against women and girls by changing the gender and social norms around them. We do that by using media, arts and culture, leadership development; community mobilisation; advocacy; partnership building and action oriented research.  We engage young and adult men as partners and advocates, alongside young and adult women, to challenge and transform harmful gender norms and practices. Men and women participate in comprehensive gender-based violence prevention programs and trusted community leaders are recruited to support the program as role models with an objective to challenge the social acceptance and prevalence of GBV by addressing the social norms and belief systems that underpin and drive abuse.

Preventing, mitigating and responding to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) through skills development and training, advocacy/campaigns, knowledge management, prevention practice and research. How Saint Albert Charity delivers her support to individuals and communities in need is equally important, if not more important, than what we deliver.

Assistance to the physically challenged

School fees bursary initiative to OVC

Learning support to orphans and vulnerable children